Meet David & Marie Mancini

We are an award-winning lighting design facility offering designer lighting products in our upscale boutique. Years of experience in delivering unique designs and exceptional service set us aside from our competition. We will work with you from the concept and blueprint phase of your project to the installation of the final design.

Recognition & Publication

Published in "Rhode Island Monthly", "Better Homes and Gardens" and "Southern New England Magazine".

Our work was featured in the book "Living With Wine".

Received Rhode Island Monthly's design awards from 2006-present.

What We Do

We work with many designers, architects, builders, and homeowners, offering each of them a personal, custom and unique lighting experience. Our objective is to adequately provide you with the ability to achieve the maximum functionality in your space. We work to emphasize the architectural features and highlight key features uniquely in each area. Lighting has the potential to make a smaller space feel larger while making large spaces feel intimate. When applied correctly, it can make a gallery out of a long narrow hallway and transform a dining space into a point of interest. At Mancini Fine Lighting we will transform your space using lighting, maximizing the potential in your space.

What We Offer

Commercial: We offer custom lighting in commercial spaces including auto body shops, salons, restaurants and condominiums.

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Residential: We will provide you with custom lighting for your residential space from redecorating to building a new home.

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Exterior: Working on the exterior portion of your space including landscape lighting, architectural lighting and roadway lighting.

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Lamps: We offer a wide selection of custom lamps including tabletop, floor, and offer the availability to create you custom shades.

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Design Services: We offer custom designs and will work with you during any phase of your project to provide you with the desired results.

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Lighting Automation: Automated switching systems to create scenes for various rooms in your home that can be applied with the push of a button.

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